Benchmark auction breathes life into auction season

A successful auction for Benchmark Game Breeders turns sentiment positive

Like all markets, sentiment plays a major role in the perceptions of buyers and sellers. It was with great anticipation that a large crowd gathered at Castle de Wildt near Modimolle for the Benchmark Game Breeders auction. What will happen to quality animals with amazing pedigrees? Will the be sold? Will buyers still be prepared to shell out for high quality stock?

To significant relief of all and sundry, these questions received a resoundingly positive response. Astute buyers from far and wide were prepared to bud fast and hard t make sure they got what they wanted. A total auction turnover of R36m was just what the game industry needed just before the final few big name auction of the year.

As if more proof was required to quietly put the average-price, uninformed naysayers in their place, the auction showed what can happen if the best available animals and genetics go on sale.

Let’s start with one of the popular species of the day. Sable prices for average quality animals have been under pressure, but for the best in the industry, buyers were prepared to go high. Three sable lots drew prices of more than R1m each. Lot 8, a 36 4⁄8″ Western Zambian cow in calf to 47 6⁄8″ WZ bull Aiden from the original Mike Fischer/Silent Valley lines sold for R2.6m.


Next up was 50 2⁄8″Mas Grande, a sable bull of Zambian DNA. Reino du Toit Rare Game Breeders was happy with the final bid price of R3m for this fabulous breeding bull. This quality breeder struck again when lot 88, an intermediate Zambian sable bull and 48 1⁄16″ Thometelo son Blue 31 was sold for R1.8m.


Buffalo prices were strong on the day, boding well for the Stud Game Breeders auction next on the calendar. The top price on the day was paid for a 34 2⁄8″ East African cow, a daughter of 48 1⁄8″ Gnu. She was sold for R3.4m as a 3-in-1, in calf to 51+” Pymat with a Pymat bull calf.



Emphasising the power of excellent female genetics, Chimoyo Wildlife sold the big horn 37 6⁄8″ large bodied and fertile cow for R1.7m.

The industry sighed a collective sigh of relief when the last hammer fell and the auction could be declared a resounding success. Way to go, Benchmark Game Breeders!



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