Bobaas auction true to its name

Third Wildswinkel bosveld auction for 2017 delivers R14m

The talk in the quality game industry is that the new Wildswinkel Voere business is performing well. Its niche is providing quality branded feed mixes for specific species. The core brand is named the Bobaas range, referring to its high quality characteristics. The feed is packaged in attractive and sturdy black bags with the brand prominently displayed.

In order to differentiate the third Wildswinkel bosveld auction for 2017, Wildswinkel made the decision to call on Bobaas to act as sponsor of the auction. Thus this auction of top genetics became the Bobaas Bosveld auction.

As another in a long list of firsts for WIldswinkel, this was also the first auction at which top quality Brahman cattle were available for purchase. Billed as Schalk Burger Brahmane and Sale of the Legends, truly remarkable Brahman cattle and genetics were sold. A record price of R320 000 was paid for a Serfbred Brahmans heifer, in calf to Marxville Mr Bold Venture AMP1181.



The plentiful top quality game on offer also did not disappoint, with the buffalo species delivery a strong performance overall. 35 2⁄8″ Thandile with a 45 1⁄8″ Nero (Dries Visser) bull calf sold for R560 000 on the day, while a 33 5⁄8″ buffalo cow in calf to 47″ Rhino went for R460 000.


35 2⁄8″ Thandile

Auction goers were treated to free pancakes and coffee, resulting a festive atmosphere typical of a true boere-veiling.  Bidding was competitive and buyers were eager to make their mark, with lot 16,  a 61 28” kudu bull attracting a final winning bid of R200 000.

Emphasising the fact that, even in a challenging year for the game industry as a whole, quality animals will receive quality prices, the remarkable 31 5⁄8″ Nyala bull Jabula from Ryall Wildlife Breeders sold for R370 000.

31 5⁄8″ Nyala bull Jabula

At the end the auction delivered a successful turnover of R14m. Judging from the broad smiles of buyers and sellers afterwards while the Lions were booking their place in the Super Rugby 2017 final, next year they will be back again at the Bobaas Bosveld auction.






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