The northern Free State hosts friendly auction

Cold adapted animals popular amongst buyers

Kroon Stud Wild is known for the group’s positioning For all game farmers, big or small, new or established. Other attributes one can ascribe to them is hospitable and friendly, with the best boerewors rolls in the business. And their 2017 auction? A roaring success, judging from the many happy buyers and sellers who mingled in a gesellige atmosphere with the smell of braaivleis in the air after a hot day’s auctioneering.

Niel Swart is an expert auctioneer who excels at moving an auction along at pace, never resting, never letting an opportunity go by. He kept the standing room only crowd enthralled from the Wildswinkel stage with lot after lot hammered down with vigour.

Prices on the day were strong, with the auction turning over a well-deserved R14m for the group.

A total of 136 items were auctioned, with only a few remaining unsold, when buyers and sellers could not see eye to eye on the day. All part of the business we’re in. One attentive bidder, who clearly enjoyed his day in the Free State was Piet du Toit, there with breeding partner Beyers Gerber. Sitting close to the stage with his attention never waning, Piet was especially happy with a beautiful springbok lot he managed to buy.



One highlight was lot 80A, a King Cape eland cow with a brand new bull calf that sold for R292 000 for owners Soetvelde Farms.


A buffalo heifer in calf to 47″ Maximus went for R405 000 at the auction. This lot gave the buyer the option to let the heifer calve down and be covered again by Maximus, making it an exceptional 3-in-1.


Apart from hosting a successful auction, the Kroon Stud Wild group made sure all participants were treated to an enjoyable day out, a real opportunity to visit the stunning landscape of the Free State for a day that’s true to the heartland. Next year, make sure you visit Rooihoogte for one of the really lekker auctions of the year.



The big yellow machine rolls on

Magnificent quality demands great prices at 12th Stud Game Breeders auction

What a day. With Zebula Golf Estate and Spa in the Bela-Bela district decked out in the distinctive Stud Game Breeders yellow, complete with quality imported yellow spotter shirts worn by Wildswinkel auction staff, the cream of the game industry game together in a big tent to witness what happens when top breeders put top animals and genetics on sale.

Leading auctioneer Brandon Leer did a magnificent job of hammering down lot after lot of sold items, sometimes noting how the feverish bidding contributed to an electric atmosphere as the day gained momentum.

With a live auction turnover of R120m and a silent auction that ended at R14m, everyone was satisfied with a total turnover of R134m. A remarkable performance under any circumstance.

A highlight on the day was Nwanetsi, the first ever 55″ Horison daughter on sale. She was billed as being late in calf to 51″+ Nkosana, a son of 53″ Tyson. The hammer for Nwanetsi fell at no less than R6.6m.


Another buffalo worth mentioning was lot 86, a big bodied 53″ Tyson daughter with a 55″ Horison bull calf and in calf again to Horison, a 3-in-1 package that sold for R6.2m.



Amongst sable, the 49 6⁄8″ bull Albert was sold for R3m. He was described as a beautiful animal with a spirited temperament and great potential.


Many more high quality animals were sold on the day. For all prices, click here.

A highlighted of the silent auction was Kariega, a 25″ bull at 15 months with a 50″ tip to tip. This stunning young bull fetched a final bid of R1.4m.


Benchmark auction breathes life into auction season

A successful auction for Benchmark Game Breeders turns sentiment positive

Like all markets, sentiment plays a major role in the perceptions of buyers and sellers. It was with great anticipation that a large crowd gathered at Castle de Wildt near Modimolle for the Benchmark Game Breeders auction. What will happen to quality animals with amazing pedigrees? Will the be sold? Will buyers still be prepared to shell out for high quality stock?

To significant relief of all and sundry, these questions received a resoundingly positive response. Astute buyers from far and wide were prepared to bud fast and hard t make sure they got what they wanted. A total auction turnover of R36m was just what the game industry needed just before the final few big name auction of the year.

As if more proof was required to quietly put the average-price, uninformed naysayers in their place, the auction showed what can happen if the best available animals and genetics go on sale.

Let’s start with one of the popular species of the day. Sable prices for average quality animals have been under pressure, but for the best in the industry, buyers were prepared to go high. Three sable lots drew prices of more than R1m each. Lot 8, a 36 4⁄8″ Western Zambian cow in calf to 47 6⁄8″ WZ bull Aiden from the original Mike Fischer/Silent Valley lines sold for R2.6m.


Next up was 50 2⁄8″Mas Grande, a sable bull of Zambian DNA. Reino du Toit Rare Game Breeders was happy with the final bid price of R3m for this fabulous breeding bull. This quality breeder struck again when lot 88, an intermediate Zambian sable bull and 48 1⁄16″ Thometelo son Blue 31 was sold for R1.8m.


Buffalo prices were strong on the day, boding well for the Stud Game Breeders auction next on the calendar. The top price on the day was paid for a 34 2⁄8″ East African cow, a daughter of 48 1⁄8″ Gnu. She was sold for R3.4m as a 3-in-1, in calf to 51+” Pymat with a Pymat bull calf.



Emphasising the power of excellent female genetics, Chimoyo Wildlife sold the big horn 37 6⁄8″ large bodied and fertile cow for R1.7m.

The industry sighed a collective sigh of relief when the last hammer fell and the auction could be declared a resounding success. Way to go, Benchmark Game Breeders!



Bona Bona hosts Xtreme auction

Quality auction held near Wolmaransstad

The 151 items on sale at the 2017 edition of the Xtreme Wildlife Group auction offered discerning buyers great buying opportunities, such as for the new owner of a young Zambian sable bull, son of50 4⁄8″ Charlie  that was bought for R450 000. Other sable prices were market related, with good buys from remarkable genetics eagerly picked by breeders looking for opportunities to enhance their own breeding groups.



The Xtreme Wildlife Group includes amongst its ranks big name breeders such as host Bona Bona Game Breeders, Wintershoek Wild, De Beers Wildlife and Klein Buisfontein Ranch. These breeders and other sellers on the day made sure quality genetics were available to the broad game industry.

A stunning example of prime roan genetics, a beautiful young roan heifer, daughter of 29 4⁄8″ Thunder, went for R170 000 on the day, resulting in a very happy buyer indeed.



The Bona Bona facilities rank amongst the best in the country, with expansive bomas and a comfortable auction room. The few hundred guests enjoyed the day, with excellent coffee and home made rusks on offer from two of the best baristas to be found this die of the Big Smoke. A total turnover for the auction of R7m was to the satisfaction of sellers and buyers alike.


Bobaas auction true to its name

Third Wildswinkel bosveld auction for 2017 delivers R14m

The talk in the quality game industry is that the new Wildswinkel Voere business is performing well. Its niche is providing quality branded feed mixes for specific species. The core brand is named the Bobaas range, referring to its high quality characteristics. The feed is packaged in attractive and sturdy black bags with the brand prominently displayed.

In order to differentiate the third Wildswinkel bosveld auction for 2017, Wildswinkel made the decision to call on Bobaas to act as sponsor of the auction. Thus this auction of top genetics became the Bobaas Bosveld auction.

As another in a long list of firsts for WIldswinkel, this was also the first auction at which top quality Brahman cattle were available for purchase. Billed as Schalk Burger Brahmane and Sale of the Legends, truly remarkable Brahman cattle and genetics were sold. A record price of R320 000 was paid for a Serfbred Brahmans heifer, in calf to Marxville Mr Bold Venture AMP1181.



The plentiful top quality game on offer also did not disappoint, with the buffalo species delivery a strong performance overall. 35 2⁄8″ Thandile with a 45 1⁄8″ Nero (Dries Visser) bull calf sold for R560 000 on the day, while a 33 5⁄8″ buffalo cow in calf to 47″ Rhino went for R460 000.


35 2⁄8″ Thandile

Auction goers were treated to free pancakes and coffee, resulting a festive atmosphere typical of a true boere-veiling.  Bidding was competitive and buyers were eager to make their mark, with lot 16,  a 61 28” kudu bull attracting a final winning bid of R200 000.

Emphasising the fact that, even in a challenging year for the game industry as a whole, quality animals will receive quality prices, the remarkable 31 5⁄8″ Nyala bull Jabula from Ryall Wildlife Breeders sold for R370 000.

31 5⁄8″ Nyala bull Jabula

At the end the auction delivered a successful turnover of R14m. Judging from the broad smiles of buyers and sellers afterwards while the Lions were booking their place in the Super Rugby 2017 final, next year they will be back again at the Bobaas Bosveld auction.






A first for Namibia

Namibian game breeders flock to first-ever Groot Namibië Wildveiling

The large farms in the Gobabis district of Namibia south of Windhoek are well known for their premium export-quality cattle and beef. Brahman is a favourite breed. But these astute farmers also know their game. Kudu, gemsbok, wildebeest and other species roam the wide open plains, easily moving between farms. Here the breeding of game is a well established art.

Game farmers have traditionally concentrated on plains game, with scarce species such as sable and roan becoming popular over the last decade. In order to assist in the development of the game breeding industry in Namibia, the Nambreed group decided to create a new auction branded as the Groot Namibië Wildveiling, with Wildswinkel acting as auction house.

Some of the very best sable genetics available attracted considerable interest at the inaugural auction that took place on 15 July 2017 at Walmaine Boerdery. Two sable heifers sired by the magnificent 50″ Charlie sold for R500 000 each, for a total turnover for the popular lot six of a round R1m.

Sable heifer sired by 50″ Charlie

The young Zambian sable bull tag Y86, sired by Charlie, sold for a strong price of R290 000. A young 40″ golden gemsbok bull sold for a bid price of R225 000, indicating that the best genetics will always demand a superior price.

40″ Golden gemsbok bull

The Groot Namibië Wildveiling attracted around 500 game enthusiasts and delivered a respectable total turnover of R7.4m. Lood Bester, Wildswinkel CEO, remarked afterwards that the auction house is very happy with the result. “We’ll be back next year”, he said.

Young roan heifer sold at the Groot Namibië Wildveiling for R100 000


The Kalahari mesmerizes

Atmospheric auction amongst red dunes

The second Wildswinkel Kalahari auction was such a success, this auction is sure to become a regular annual event on the game breeding calendar. This year Loch Broom Paradys proved to be the perfect location for a real Kalahari auction met gees. Breeders from far and wide supported an auction that is set amongst the most beautiful red dunes of the area.

Situated about 30km from Askham on the one end and Van Zylsrus on the other, Loch Broom Paradys is also close to famous hunting farms such as STS Meletse.

Red oryx were popular, with a Van Eeden Boerdery 29 2/8″ 18-month bull going for R420 000 and a 34 4⁄8″ red oryx cow with heifer calf (3-in-1) from the same quality breeder selling for R625 000.

29 2/8″ 18-month red oryx bull

Gemsbok are native to the Kalahari. At the first Wildswinkel Kalahari auction last year, this stunning species established itself as a category to watch. This year an oryx bull with 44″ horns were sold for R260 000 as the last lot of the day.

44″ Gemsbok bull

All told, the Wildswinkel Kalahari auction contributed R11.3m to the game industry this year. It is a great result and means the quality scarce game industry in the Kalahari is established and can look forward to continued growth.

See you again next year.


Legendary auction

Wildlife Legacy auction proves popular

Sollie Potgieter, chairman of Wildlife Legacy kicked off proceedings at the second Wildlife Legacy auction at the Wildswinkel auction venue near Bela-Bela with an impassioned plea for donations to assist Knysna fire victims. The game industry opened its heart and raised a remarkable R1 598 000 for this worthy cause.

It was great to see quality buffalo lots doing well. Buffalo are amazing animals and the game industry continues to reward high quality genetics with excellent prices. To breed buffalo is a long term, expensive exercise and to be rewarded appropriately for the effort that goes into this time consuming activity is heartwarming.

A Poon Liebenberg Wildlife buffalo bull (44 1/2″) sold for R2.3m , while a Buffalo Creek Game Ranch cow in calf to Pymat (white 50) sold for R3.2m. White 15, another Buffalo Creek Game Ranch cow in calf to the incredible Inala, sold for R2.2m.

White 50

In total, buffalo lots at the auction delivered R21m turnover, 55% of the total auction value of R38m.

Quality sable also fetched strong prices. A case in point is lot 58, a 50″ Romaco Ranch intermediate bull that sold for R2.7m.

50″ Einstein

All told, the second Wildlife Legacy auction enforced this quality group’s standing as a prominent breeder partnership. The event also indicated a levelling of prices and could also indicate a slight upward momentum for the rest of the year.


Warm winter auction at Thaba Manzi

Bloodline Africa auction delivers good results

The cream of the game industry gathered on a sunny winter morning for the Bloodline Africa 2017 auction held at the always impressive auction venue at Thaba Manzi. The excellent lots on auction delivered on the pre-auction hype, with the total auction turnover a satisfactory R22m.

Businessman and game breeder from Meletse Breeders, Louis van der Watt, opened proceedings with remarks about how quality will always do well. All industries are cyclical, he said, with peaks and valleys. But one thing remains constant: Quality, whether in property or the game sector, will always demand a good price. Quality is scarce, he emphasised. Inn a supply and demand economy scarcity always leads to higher prices. Breeders should therefore always aim to develop the best quality herds and this comes from improvement from buying in quality breeding stock.

Solid results were achieved across game species at the auction. Amore, a young sable and daughter of Rapella, sold in calf to Houdini, a son of Magic, sold for R530 000. Another female sable, Theia, a daughter of Rapella with a Rapella bull calf (3-in-1), sold for R450 000.


A southern roan heifer in calf to a 30 4⁄8″ bull drew bids up to a selling price of R460 000. Another highlight was a golden gnu bull (30″) that sold for R350 000.

Buffalo lots performed well. Enigma at 35 4⁄8″, is a magnificent cow in calf to Max, who measures 48″+ at six years and is the biggest son of the well known Matetsi. The cow was sold to calf down and then be covered by Horison. This rare opportunity to own scarce genetics fetched R2.8m at the auction. Kim, an exceptional Horison daughter sold as 3-in-1 for R1.5m.


After the auction the crowd mingled and chatted about game over refreshments while enjoying the company of fellow breeders.

The Bloodline Africa auction is a must on the calendar and the 2017 edition proved to be another successful event.


Short and sharp Diamantveld auction in Kimberley introduces Timed Auctions

The buyers attending the second Wildswinkel Diamantveld auction at Kimberley’s Horseshoe Inn were there for one reason only: To bid and buy quality genetics to improve and expand their own herds.

Tebogo Mogashoa, proud game farmer and owner of Babirwa Wildlife in the Rooiberg district of Limpopo was there to buy, as was Louis van der Watt from Meletse Breeders. These and other buyers with a keen eye, such as the Kriek Wildlife family, made sure they got their lots.

Bidding for some of the buffalo on offer was fierce, with Wildswinkel auctioneer Niel Swart hammering down lot after lot with enthusiasm.

The talk over a cold beverage after the auction was that it delivered solid, expected results, providing buyers and sellers the right kind of opportunity to help improve and support the game industry in the Northern Cape.

The springbok species was popular. A 17″ ram from Gemstone Game Breeders was sold for R130 000, amongst other strong prices on the day.

Buffalo again proved itself as a mainstay in the game industry, with two lots in particular enticing strong bidding across the auction floor. A 35 3⁄8″ buffalo cow with heifer calf was sold for R850 000. Total auction turnover came to R10.4m.

Wildswinkel introduced its innovative new timed auction system during the Diamantveld auction. Select lots appear as part of these internet-based auctions on the Wildswinkel Apple and Android apps, as well as online at Being able to bid online means buyers do not miss out on the lots offered for timed bidding if they cannot be at a live auction and are unable to offer telephone bids.

Timed auctions last for a few days and open and close according to a pre-arranged schedule. The latest highest bid is visible and registered buyers can track progress easily from their mobile devices. Keep your eye on the Wildswinkel app to see which auctions are listed as Timed Auctions, make sure you are registered, then log in and go!