Dries Visser auction delivers excellent results

Dries Visser auction results above expectations

Some 800 game breeding enthusiasts gathered at the Wildswinkel auction venue near Bela-Bela on Friday, 24 February 2017 to attend the first Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game auction. Expectations were high and the auction did not disappoint. A total turnover of R44.8m was achieved for Dries Visser and his guest breeders.

Outstanding lots were the Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game black mask Zambian sable. Highlights include the exceptional sable breeding opportunity bought for R3.6m by Namibian game breeder Leevi Hungamo, who is establishing himself as one of the top breeders in this neighbouring territory. (The group he is associated with, Waterberg Plato Game Breeders, will conduct its third annual auction of quality game at Otjiwa, Namibia, on 20 May 2017.)


50″ Busanga genetics were on sale

The remarkable black mask Zambian sable breeding bulls 48 4⁄8″ Uncle John Jr (R1.1m), 45 4⁄8″Mulembo (R975 000), 48″ Mumba (R3.6m), 45″ Olmeca (R3.5m) and 46″ Pedro (R1.2m) achieved strong support from buyers, with many in the audience bidding.

An interesting aspect for the auction was the number of new buyers who bought into the Dries Visser bloodline. The genetics of this top breeder speaks for itself and it was good to see new buyers bidding for these genetics.

48 3⁄8″ Nkala

On the female black mask Zambian sable front, things also went well. The Young Western Zambian cow Kalimba (R1.5m), the black mask West Zambian cow Quela (R1m), a young West Zambian cow in calf to 48″ Mumba (R0.5m), an outstanding young Zambian heifer with beautiful spread, sired by 48 4⁄8″ Uncle John Jr. (R0.7m), a young Zambian cow in calf to black mask 47 2⁄8″ Melanje (R0.8m), a 2 year 8 month Western Zambian cow with bull calf sired by 47 2⁄8″ Melanje (R0.9m) and a young Zambian heifer with exceptional horn growth, in calf to the black mask48 5⁄8″ Big Boy Jr. (R1m) meant the market was interested in getting hold of rare Dries Visser female animals.


After the successful Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game auction the talk in the game industry was that the first three WIldswinkel auctions all went well, which also bodes good news for the rest of the year.


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