Excellent results for Totale Wilduitverkoping

Buyers targeted selected animals with great results

The Totale Wilduitverkoping van die Noord-Transvaal Huide Trust (Johan van Zyl) auction held at Wildswinkel, Bela-Bela on 23 March 2017 delivered excellent results, with buyers and seller happy with the outcome of the auction. A total auction turnover of over R30m was achieved.

The auction’s many buffalo lots, strategically listed at the start of the auction, were popular with buyers. From the very first lot it was clear that the buffalo will do well at the auction with many different buyers keen on bidding fast and high to secure their targeted animals.

Highlights included a 46 2⁄8″ buffalo bull that sold for R1.5m and a 44 5⁄8″ buffalo bull that went for R1.2m. Female buffalo also achieved remarkable prices, with a 34 4⁄8″ young buffalo cow with heifer calf (3-in-1) selling for R875 000 and a 31″ young buffalo cow with two calves, one bull calf and new born heifer calf going for R720 000. Amongst other species, a 27″ king wildebeest bull sold for R650 000.


Auctioneer Niel Swart remarked that the auction’s positioning as a complete sale of an estate, with all animals that had to be sold, implied that buyers were going to be able to pick selected lots with the knowledge that they will get what they want – if they won the bidding. For many lots bidding was vigorous, with many buyers interested in the large number of animals on sale. Here and there, when buyers were not paying sharp attention, the hammer fell seconds before a last bid came in. Swart made it clear that bidders had to be wide awake, as the auction’s fast and effective pace were going to be maintained throughout.

Many in the game industry were happy with the result, as it clearly showed that the industry is alive and well. If you have quality animals for sale, they will find buyers at prices that both you and your buyers will be happy to accept. Market forces were clearly on display at the Totale Wilduitverkoping auction, with positive results.





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