Exciting new addition to auction calendar

Wildswinkel Trophy & Hunt auction proves interest in hunting packages

When Louis van der Watt, shareholder in Wildswinkel, game breeder from Meletse Breeders and co-founder of Atterbury took over the Trophy Breeders® group in 2016, he had a vision for a new kind of auction. This innovation in the hunting market resulted in the first Wildswinkel Trophy & Hunt auction taking place in the Atterbury Theater on 29 March 2017.

The auction featured three distinct parts. Trophy animals for the breeding of quality animals for the hunting market, animals ready to be hunted and hunting packages. Interest was especially high in the hunting package category, with the total turnover of the auction of R7m indicating considerable support.


Packages from the exceptional Kalahari hunting farm STS-Meletse were popular, selling for R155 000 and R205 000 respectively. Another hunting package lot that sold well was a buffalo and sable trophy hunting package from Stoke Game Breeders selling for R180 000.


Commentators remarked on the successful introduction of a combination of breeding animals, hunting animals and hunting packages at a typically professionally presented Wildswinkel auction. It could be the start or more co-operation between traditional breeding and hunting operations.


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