The Kalahari mesmerizes

Atmospheric auction amongst red dunes

The second Wildswinkel Kalahari auction was such a success, this auction is sure to become a regular annual event on the game breeding calendar. This year Loch Broom Paradys proved to be the perfect location for a real Kalahari auction met gees. Breeders from far and wide supported an auction that is set amongst the most beautiful red dunes of the area.

Situated about 30km from Askham on the one end and Van Zylsrus on the other, Loch Broom Paradys is also close to famous hunting farms such as STS Meletse.

Red oryx were popular, with a Van Eeden Boerdery 29 2/8″ 18-month bull going for R420 000 and a 34 4⁄8″ red oryx cow with heifer calf (3-in-1) from the same quality breeder selling for R625 000.

29 2/8″ 18-month red oryx bull

Gemsbok are native to the Kalahari. At the first Wildswinkel Kalahari auction last year, this stunning species established itself as a category to watch. This year an oryx bull with 44″ horns were sold for R260 000 as the last lot of the day.

44″ Gemsbok bull

All told, the Wildswinkel Kalahari auction contributed R11.3m to the game industry this year. It is a great result and means the quality scarce game industry in the Kalahari is established and can look forward to continued growth.

See you again next year.


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