Wildswinkel auction season 2016

The Wildswinkel auctions story so far

Wildswinkel created its auction house in September 2015 with the announcement that this new entrant into the game industry auction category will host a number of big name auctions, including Piet du Toit Wildbedryf, the inaugural Signature Wildlife auction, Pilanesberg Game Breeders, Bloodline Africa, the first Wildlife Legacy auction at the new purpose-built Wildswinkel auction venue near Bela-Bela, as well as the Wintershoek Wild auction.


Standing room only at the Wildswinkel Kalahari auction

Standing room only at the Wildswinkel Kalahari auction


In addition, Wildswinkel created its own brand name auctions to provide quality game breeders with the marketing platform of a professionally organised and promoted auction from which to sell their animals at the market price of the day. Wildswinkel has successfully concluded three of its own brand name auctions so far: Diamantveld at Wintershoek Wild near Kimberley, Karoo at Tzamenkomst farm, Colesberg and Kalahari at Mooiplaas, Van Zylsrus.

The upcoming Wildswinkel Bosveld auction takes place at the company’s own venue on 30 July 2016.

Wildswinkel’s decision to present all of its brand name auctions with no reserve prices has been very successful in establishing the principle of the market price of the day as the price you pay. All animals are always sold at a Wildswinkel brand name auction.

In April 2016 Wildswinkel announced it has been named as the auction house for 2016 for the following additional big name auctions: Golden Breeders, Benchmark Game Breeders, Stud Game Breeders, Thaba Tholo, Golden Breeders Family Auction and the highly anticipated first Dries Visser Pure-Bred Game auction.


State of the art Wildswinkel technology at the Golden Breeders auction

State of the art Wildswinkel buyer registration technology at the Golden Breeders auction



Piet du Toit Wildbedryf

13 February 2016

R223 715 000

Signature Wildlife

16 April 2016

R56 880 500

Pilanesberg Game Breeders

7 May 16

R51 258 000

Wildswinkel Diamantveld

14 May 2016

R17 797 000

Wildswinkel Karoo

25 May 2016

R28 282 000

Bloodline Africa

11 June 2016

R37 501 000

Wildlife Legacy

18 June 2016

R47 168 000

Wildswinkel Kalahari

1 July 2016

R47 552 000

Golden Breeders

9 July 2016

R34 506 000


R544 659 500

Team strengthened

In order to provide the best possible service to the game industry, Wildswinkel strengthened its auction team with the appointment of Niel Swart (auctioneer), Ockie Goosen (marketer) and Carl Vos (marketer).


Brandon Leer, Niel Swart, Ockie Goosen and Carl Vos

Brandon Leer, Niel Swart, Ockie Goosen and Carl Vos


Wildswinkel has also established a long-term relationship with top independent auctioneer Brandon Leer who conducts many auctions organised by Wildswinkel, such as Wildswinkel Bosveld, Stud Game Breeders, Thaba Tholo, Wintershoek Wild and others.

To ensure Brandon’s independence as an auctioneer – who conducts a variety of different auctions on a continuing basis – Wildswinkel has taken the decision to buy the shares Brandon previously held in the company. This is a clear signal to the game industry that Brandon is and remains a completely independent auctioneer.

Popular phone app

Wildswinkel also recently added direct sales functionality to its already popular iPhone and Android phone app, with a continuously updated direct sales catalogue. Simply download the latest version of the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and browse auction and direct sales catalogues.



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