Vibey Boland auction at the foot of the Helderberg

Wildswinkel’s first Boland auction launches Western Cape game auction category

During a lively and well-attended event at Webersburg wine estate, Wildswinkel conducted its first Boland auction of quality game. Some of the country’s top game breeders were in attendance.

The first lot of the day, a unique quagga breeding group, sold for a total price of R1 740 000 on behalf of Elandsberg farms. The well-known genetic expert Reinhold Rau played an important part in literally bringing the quagga sub-species back to life, through what is known today as the Quagga Project.

At the Boland auction, quagga was sold for the first time, pegging these animals at a price worthy of such a unique species.



The husband and wife team behind the stunning Groot Sleutelfontein Private Game Reserve situated close to the Groot Karoo town of Prince Albert in the Swartberg region, Johan and Laetitia Meyer, played a significant part in making sure the auction was a great success. Laetitia Meyer commented afterwards that they were very happy with such a great first auction. She expects the Western Cape quality game industry to show good growth over the next few years.

Quality buffalo sold well, with a 277⁄8″ buffalo heifer achieving a top price of R625 000 for seller Eden Game Breeders. Rooshoek Buffels sold a 256⁄8″ buffalo heifer for R470 000.

The bontebok species performed well, indicating long-term interest in this special product of the Western Cape. Quality, pure bontebok are scarce and sought-after, as evidenced by the strong prices received at the Wildswinkel Boland auction.


Bontebok ewes in lamb to 164⁄8″ Langjan sold for R85 000 each as lots 25A and B while a 154⁄8″ bontebok ram achieved a good price of R150 000.

When the last lot’s hammer fell, the total auction turnover reach R13 745 500. For a first auction in the Boland, this is a fantastic results, with buyers and sellers all happy after a great sunny day in the Boland. That’s the life!

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